Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few Notes

I would like to say that I am really happy the way my first submission turned out. I'd like to offer that kind of mixture of text and photos. I can't say that I always will, but that is my goal. I will get more skilled with the editing software that is pretty much a given. I've always done my HTML basically freehand, so I never bothered learning that type of interface that Blogger uses. It was a learning experience and my next time around should be less time consuming. I will probably play with the format a bit and go with different layouts over time. I don't want the presentation to become stale. So, it shall be a work in progress on those fronts. I do plan on purchasing a new digital camera. The photos I took were with my cell phone. The quality is passable, but I do want the versatility that a regular camera offers. I had one, but, sadly I no longer do.

I have decided to include Halls of Fame on my list. They technically are museums. Since most of those are sports related and being the sports fan that I am I shall indulge myself even more. In addition if I go to a unique place that isn't within the scope of my project I'll probably include a write up with photos if I feel that you out there will find the blog interesting. I have been known to be found in some unique places.

I have no problem accepting requests to visit a place. I know that many of you used to live in Western Mass and are now ex-pats. Maybe you'd like to see a place you haven't seen in a few years. Just let me know. Feel free to tag a comment with a request and I will see what I can do.

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