Monday, June 7, 2010

A Busy Day Today

I did, however, get a chance to visit the Springfield Public Library today. I hope to have something for you soon. Tomorrow is looking pretty full as well. So perhaps Wednesday night you'll have something to look forward to check out.

As for your link.. here is a fun option that you may or may not have known that Google could do. So yes, your link is Google, but before you turn away in horror, just hear me out and take a look. It is a nice tool if you are looking to piece together a timeline. I chose Irish History in Holyoke and viola there is a ready made timeline. Sure, I wouldn't trust the worth of every link it dredges up, but still it is a nice start. They are all nice little vignettes in time. So here it is and enjoy.

Google Timeline Function

Maybe see you tomorrow with a link, but certainly Wednesday with my trip to Springfield... yes I will dodge bullets, brave the traffic and kill what's left of my car's suspension for my art.


  1. Thought this might be interesting for when you visit the Westfield Antheneum:
    The newspaper version had lots of photos, but at least this gives you the info.

  2. Patrice, thank you very much for these informative tidings! :) That mural is something that I will certainly view when it's ready. If you don't mind I will make this a blog entry in general so that it can get more exposure. I always appreciate anything that you deem worthy send my way.