Monday, June 14, 2010

Robert O. Smith in memoriam.

The following is copied from the blog All Hail Thorndike Pickledish. Why you ask, am I posting this? Well it is in the mission statement. That being that you would basically learn what makes me tick as we journey throughout the libraries and museums of Western Mass. Well, Mr. Smith played a role in a major part of my life. If you take a peek at my profile you will see that I have Japanese animation, i.e 'anime' listed in my likes. Well, Mr. Smith, was a voice actor who helped bring that art to North America. I could delve into the whole history of anime, but I will save you from that 'geeky stuff'...  I am unabashed in my appreciation of that form of art. I am more a fan of the old school stuff, but I still watch the newer series and movies. We all have things which have helped save our sanity over the years, well anime worked for me at a time when I needed something. To be quite honest you can in part thank my desire to write to that era of my life. I was very sad to hear of his passing. He was a very talented man and I am a firm believer that you need to observe masters in action to help unlock your own potential. He was one that I can say that I learned from. R.I.P. Robert O. Smith. 

The End of an Era

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we, the children of Robert O. Smith--original Bench Bozo, "Masked Avocado", Dr. Zingrr, Walter Wart the Freaky Frog, lifting legend and so much more--announce his untimely passing at the age of 67 from pancreatic and liver cancer. Unlike Ronnie James Dio, he was NOT--to the best of our knowledge--eaten by a dragon, but surely there was some strange "disturbance in the force" or cosmic kryptonite that finally brought down our very own superhero of a father.

His wishes were simple--no public memorial, no digital gold-plated turbo-casket with fine cordovan leather interior and motion-activated whirling Mercedes-Benz hood ornament. He requested cremation and a celebration of life among his closest friends.

If you would honor him, keep on doing what you do--bench with the best of your ability and passion, striving ever toward bigger and better lifts, or create art and sound, inspired by his memory. We will keep that memory alive and continue to update Bench Bozo and All Hail Thorndike Pickledish, sharing images and his original drawings from a lifetime dedicated to lifting and creativity. Our thanks to all who knew, loved, and shared that dedication with him. We will love and miss him always.

-Justine Wintersmith and Zach Monroe

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