Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have you been to the new C/W Mars Page?

If you haven't been to their new site or have never actually taken a look then perhaps you ought to take a look. If you are a frequent library visitor then this link would be very beneficial for you. It is more than just looking to see if a book is available at the library. They have links to databases, all the libraries which are functioning nodes of the system, maps, etc. There is a cool function called "Digital Treasures" featuring hundreds of beautiful, old black & white / color photos scanned in with description. That in itself is a reason just to poke around for awhile.

Plus they have... 'Chat with a Librarian'... If one knows about me and librarians that feature could land me in some hot water...

Here is the link! Go and enjoy!


Digital Treasures (C/W MARS Portal)

There is a particular quote from Total Recall which would work so perfectly here!
It sounds a little like 'Get Your Class To Mars!'  LOL...

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