Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here is a interesting bit of info...

Hi there folks. I am about halfway done writing about my adventures in Springfield. I will have that ready for you tomorrow. I was going to post what I had, but I know that you prefer perfection from me and would rather see the complete article. I always endeavor to give that to you. I won't rush this tonight and I can't very much give you half... that is too much of a tease. No, you've all been patient and I appreciate that. You shall not be disappointed.

OK... one tease...

However, a nice bit of info did come my way through a contribution sent to me and I felt that you would like to know about it.

Apparently, in Westfield, a very nice mural is about to be unveiled in the Westfield Athenaeum. It depicts Westfield - the Whip City's - colorful history. I lived in Westfield - it is a fun town. I can't wait to see this mural created by the famous muralist David Fichter.

When that is ready to be presented to the public I will certainly do my best to be there. Here is that link:

The Story of Westfield

 See you tomorrow!

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