Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Link Per Day (or something like that).

There really is a plethora of outstanding, informative, philosophical, witty, funny links out there. Since actually visiting a library / museum per day really isn't going to work into my schedule all too well I have decided to add this idea to the mix. For an undetermined amount of time into the future (i.e. until I feel I have enough cool ones) I am going to add one link per day and speak on it a bit. A bit being, you know, a bit.. a little blurb. Unless, say, it totally changes my life and I decide to ramble on and on about it trying to guilt you into visiting it (because it is something you should check out now... before you forget).

So to add to my growing list of links which you all really ought to check out, unless of course you run one of them and checking it out is like walking into the kitchen, I add:

The Library History Buff

I just looked at it and said, "Yeah! That will be me someday!"... LOL!! He has some very nice old photos, all sorts of library trivia and history. I really can't add more, it is a masterful presentation of American Library Heritage. Anyway, old, books, library, history go! I give you permission to navigate away! (Just come back... please...)

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