Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Lyceum

No, I am not going to tell you about The Lyceum. That task is accomplished quite nicely if you check out today's link! That link being the entry for The Lyceum in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Run along this path to go there:

What I am going to talk about is why I chose this name. The answer is it sounded cool. This is true. While that may be true that is not the entire story. There were a variety of factors that went into the choice. First off, I wanted something that sounded along the lines of what I wanted to present. So yes, it had to sound erudite, witty, somewhat original. But also, I wanted to show a more philosophical flair. I did not want the name to be sterile, but I wanted it to add a deeper flavor. Finally, it had to reflect the mission. That was obvious. I think that I managed to do alright on all three to varying degrees.

The Lyceum is one of the founding civic structures. It was a gathering place which not only serviced the military and the religious angles of early social networking (real old school) but also a new concept of open and public discussion and debate otherwise known as philosophy. The mission of my blog is among many things a celebration of the fruits of this movement. The library is the original storehouse of written thought and while, yes, such storehouse certainly existed before in different forms it really was the philosophy-driven rending of social consciousness that sparked the desire to write down all this new thought and store it a convenient place for the common benefit of society. To be included in the equation is the museum, the domicile of the muses (I like my Muses!). Museums preserved the arts and as society moved along attempted to gather up all the lost episodes of the human drama. Both the library and the museum has its roots in the Lyceum. The choice seemed to work well for me. (Plus, the name wasn't taken yet.)

Thus, my visitations to these establishments constitute my attempt to re-connect to that archetypal environ which through the ages (and I'm sure with God's help) blessed me. So I chose to honor and very much enjoy time with these the progeny of the Lyceum.

So please, read up and learn a little more about one of the many sparks which gave us this world of free and open expression.

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