Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Five Libraries / The Quad(?)rangle

I have chosen the first libraries that I am going to visit. I feel that it would have worked out this way anyway because I would have gravitated to them anyway. I want to visit these libraries for different reasons. All have played some important role in my academic life. The South Hadley library was the natural choice for my first as it is right around the corner essentially. The Holyoke Public Library was probably the most important library in my early educational development. I will speak on that more in my report. The next three I want to put out there, but I am going to refrain on speaking about them until I get a chance to visit them. I am not sure about the order that I am going to visit them, but the next three are: The W.E.B Dubois Library at UMass - Amherst, The Springfield Public Library - Main Branch & The Alumnae Library at The Our Lady of the Elms College. There are more, but I have to say these are the libraries I have spent most of my time in during my continuing academic career with the exception of perhaps the Holyoke Community College Library. I look forward to visiting these three in the near future.

Those are the libraries. Museums are also a part of my mission. The Quadrangle... I am going to spending a good deal of time visiting the (ahem) six museums of the four side sounding Quad! No, this will not make it high on my list of quibbles; just a little fun. Which one shall be first? Wait and see... :)

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