Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don't remember moving to Florida.

The weather here has been pretty downright miserable. It has been 90+ F the last few days. The heat has done nothing to drive my desire to get any serious writing done. My cats even have that laying down on ground in the African Savannah look to them. So I have been reading and enjoying some mental cotton candy.

But I wanted to post a little something. So here is a website I stumbled upon. It is a nifty little page detailing some of the history of Interstate 91. Those of you out there who remember the world before 91 may find this a little interesting. My father used to live down by Rt. 5 (Riverdale Road) in West Springfield and he remembers the time before 91 and seeing the highway actually being built. The only thing that is equivalent in my life would be the construction of the Holyoke Mall. I used to live in the Whiting Farms apartments and I remember the road to nowhere. That eventually became the mall. Back in the day Rt. 5 was the main drag, now not so much, although the establishment of major shopping centers such as the Holyoke Mall and the Riverdale Shops certainly brought it back to life.

Can you imagine a Western Mass now without Interstate 91? Route 5 has a lot of traffic lights ya know.

History of Interstate 91

The site itself is a part of '' which is dedicated to all the major thoroughfares in the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.


  1. Thought you might find this article interesting to write about:

  2. Thank you Patrice. I will most definitely check that out.