Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well the new camera has been ordered.

With that and a little more work being done on my trusty steed I shall be able to drive around again with impunity. Since the camera will be arriving sometime next week and I would like to get started again I'll just shoot UMass with the old camera. Then I can move on with my next itinerary point. It's too bad that 3 to 5 days just isn't 3 to 5 days anymore. One would think it would arrive between the 19th and 21st not the 22nd to 27th. Oh well, what would I know about distribution and shipping. It's not like I have any experience with it.

Anyway, here is another odd little link I found. If you have a little spare cash and want to stimulate the economy why not purchase your own little piece of history. Say, you could even start your own museum.

Ancient offers everything you could think of buying outside of purchasing from the black market. Ever wonder how Indiana Jones made all his money...

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