Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Is A Sweet Little Morsel

Here are two concepts which I am sure many of you would not mind intersecting - libraries and chocolate... yes I said the "C" word. I give you The Chocolate Library. Now before you get your hopes up, no it is not an actual library with books made of chocolate like something out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (of Willy Wonka fame). No its a store, a chocolate store in New York.

Now I was going to be satisfied with just showing the link to the store and moving on. However, the story doesn't end there. As I was poking around the website (which sadly is just a filler page, the regular site isn't ready yet) I found some links to some articles. At first I thought they were just announcements about the new store opening up. Well it is not quite that. The articles detail the travails of the man who wishes to incorporate the store under the name The Chocolate Library. Well, in New York you can't just go and do that. Why? It is because as stated in the New York Times article, "Since 2006, state Business Corporation Law, Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, Partnership Law and Limited Liability Company Law require the education commissioner’s consent for the words library, school, academy, institute and kindergarten, among others to be used in a certificate of incorporation or company name."

Yes, remember when I told you not to get your hopes up because, well, it isn't an actual library, well the State of New York apparently doesn't give you enough credit to make that distinction. And no, we can't claim this stupidity on some old Blue Law. This was written in 2006. Sometimes I honestly just want to cry at how stupid law has become in this country. Anyway, the store owner incorporated under the name Chocolate 101, but he gives his shoppers enough credit and has the sign up with The Chocolate Library name on it. Good for him (apparently that isn't illegal, but incorporating under the name The Chocolate Library is illegal without permission, *sigh*)

Well, if you are curious about The Chocolate Library here is the link. You can find the articles linked below. You can also like them on Facebook.

[The book depicted here is chocolate, but is sold by another store]

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