Saturday, July 30, 2011

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Here is a podcast from Mur Lafferty, an old mailing list associate of mine (back in the day when the Web was new and listservs were the forums of old). She has gone on to move forth some very successful personal projects. She talks at length and brings up some very cogent points on the subjects in this debate.

The whole podcast is awesome so enjoy listening to it. It also brings up the Kindle vs. Book debate. Tracy Hickman brings up some great points on the subject.

The Murverse ISBW #214 – Self Pub vs Trad Pub war / Tracy Hickman Interview

Personally my view on this debate is that both avenues to get books to the public will continue to exist. As much as the camps are becoming as divided as the right and the left in politics this energy is needed. There is a new dynamic to the world of writing and publishing. I think it is healthy. It brings writers who may never have known success to the attention of readers. Yes, the traditional circles hate the upstarts much like the nouveau riche were hated during the industrial revolution. Honestly they need to get over themselves. Publishers will always have the professional veneer and economics of scale to make them successful. They will always have that advantage. Most writers, no matter how personally successful, will still want the shiny badge that comes with being published.

Now how is this debate going to affect libraries I wonder. Do / Will self-published books end up in libraries? I need to look into this angle. I'm sure some must, but what is the scale? Can libraries afford to spend precious resources on self-published works? Hmmm...

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