Thursday, August 18, 2011

Library Construction Still Being Funded in Mass.

Dateline, July 14,2011. This news is a little late in coming but I thought that it would be a nice bit of news to relay to you especially in light of these harsh economic times.

Construction Grants Awarded to Eight Public Libraries

What I find particularly interesting is that 4 municipalities on this list are from Western Mass: Granby, Shutesbury, South Hadley and West Springfield. I will keep an eye on those projects as I learn more about them.

This current grant was authorized by bond in 1987. To date it has funded 204 construction grants totaling $320.3 million. This money is administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and they have been in existence since 1890. Its members are appointed by the governor. From 1890 to 1910 the board worked diligently to establish free libraries in towns which had none. During those 20 years 104 cities and towns (of a target of 105) had at least one free public library. Today that board is still working to insure modern and well-situated libraries to serve their communities.

Here is little more info from the Wikipedia on the MBLC:

MBLC wiki

It is nice to know that some of that money fed into that gaping maw known as Boston isn't wasted frivolously.

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