Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life Discovered on the Moon!!

Read all about this amazing discovery on this date back in 1835!!

Amazing lithograph of life on the Moon!

Read all about it here!

The Great Moon Hoax

Life in the world of today offers unique advantages over living in previous areas like not dying of dysentery...

However, what today can never offer is the open frontier of what knowledge used to be. The world must have seemed more mysterious back then. Yes, I am sure that much was taken for granted, but not because everyone had Google at their fingertips. Books were real books! Some were hand written.

I would have been so fascinated if I had read those articles in the paper. If I am the same person I am today, just moved back a century I most certainly would have bought right into it. I probably would have found it quite humorous when I learned the truth. I still would have been fascinated by the wondrous night sky even more brilliant without the light pollution.

I just hope that the next discovery of life in space is the real one.

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