Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holyoke Public Library Renovation Underway!

I am kicking myself for not having my eye on the ball on this one. Just a few days ago (November 17) there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the announced re-construction of the Holyoke Public Library! The building is going to be refurbished on the current site and plans to be re-opened in 2013.

Earlier this year I posted the list of construction grants offered to Mass libraries. Holyoke was not on this list (I re-checked). That is probably why I missed this announcement. There was a small grant awarded back in 2001 for planning. I am going to venture a guess that was related this construction. They were, however, awarded a grant (which did not come up in the MLBC grant records search - so much for technology! LOL.)

Per their announcement:

The $14.5 million project is being funded by a $4.3 million grant from the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program administered by the MA Board of Library Commissioners, a $5.5 million City Bond; and $4.6 million from a combination of Library endowment, separate Capital Campaign and other grants & donations.

The beautiful thing about this story is that some of the funds were publicly solicited in a charity drive. Well, Holyoke was able to get those funds and that beautiful building is going to get some loving. I love that they are remaining in the same spot. The property is scenic. I would hate to see the library lose that prime location. Well done!

Now temporarily the Holyoke Public Library has been re-located to the Holyoke City Hall Auditorium. Obviously all services won't be available, but it is good that they are not totally shutting down for the year.

I am really curious what the new library will look like. I will be present for the re-opening. As you know I have some very fond memories connected with that library. I was in there so much that I can remember vivid details from my childhood memories. This announcement was very well-received by me.

Holyoke Public Library Homepage

"A Library In A Park" ??? Did I miss that last time I visited their page. Sounds like a Mark Twain put down, but whatever. It does not do the building justice. I would say, "The Library In The Park" that is far more authoritative.