Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buried Treasure Found in the Passau State Library in Germany

Tanja Höls

Read this great article on the discovery.

Here is another with some additional information.

I love reading articles like this because it touches on a situation that I love - exploring in an old storage room. The items in such rooms are often forgotten. Yes, you often have to deal with dust and the items are all crammed together. You will have to feel the anger and pain of why such items are treated that way. And you will rant silently at whoever did this. Yet, without their maladjusted priorities you would never have been granted this opportunity so you just bite your lip and press on.

It wasn't quite so bad in the article. I'm sure that it was nicely organized and cleaned - smelling like old wood and books. I was just left drooling wishing that I could be crawling through an old European library. I'll even dress up as a maid. I don't care - cheap labor here!

Now there is also the numismatist in me which enjoyed this article. I would love to see those old coins when they are finally all displayed. I believe that they will be available on the library website when they are finally all cleaned up.

Now this is an extreme case, but buried treasure exists in every library out there. You just need to go out and find it yourself.

City of Passau

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