Friday, January 20, 2012

Shutesbury: M.N. Spear Memorial Library News!

I've never been to Shutesbury or I can't recall if I have ever been there. I am not sure if the people of Shutesbury have heard that the Revolutionary War is over. There may very well still be armed groups of militia patrolling the woods waiting for Hessian troops to come over the ridge at any time. The pictures that I have seen say to me quaint little Yankee village.

Here's one:

But I digress, Shutesbury was one of the libraries in Western Mass which in 2011 received funding for the reconstruction of their town library. The town recently had a vote whether or not to approve local funding for this project which has been four years in planning. Their library is small and severely lacks modern amenities (like running water). The project comes with a price-tag of $3.5 million. The vote passed with a one vote margin : 523-522. The vote had been tied, but a ballot which had not been counted passed official scrutiny and was counted. Their own little slice of controversy I'm sure which will be the talk of town for generations to come.

This very close vote details the financial considerations particularly in these hard economic times that small towns need to make. Does a town of 1,800 people need a new-fangled library? I'm sure that there was a combination of factors which lead to those no votes. Some, quite simply probably didn't want to change their old cute as a button local library. I can certainly feel for them. There is something to be said for tradition. Some I'm sure, simply didn't want to pay for something in all honesty they would never use. I can appreciate their honesty.

Having done a little more research into this library I want to check it out for myself. It was 'on the list' but now I need to get up their sooner rather than later because I want to see this little old library. I was going to go there tomorrow, but alas, they are closed on Friday. Maybe Saturday, but in any event, I will get there soon.

Here is a small citation on the story Shutesbury library measure approved by single vote from

The official M.N. Spear Memorial Library homepage.


  1. Thanks for the post about our charming but inadequate library. If you come visit, I'll be glad to give you a tour, it will take exactly 47 seconds.

  2. Thank you for reading and for your reply. I would be glad to accept the tour. I'm sure I shall enjoy it no matter the duration.