Monday, March 26, 2012

There and Back Again!

Sometimes it takes a long time for things to back to where they belong. It took Odysseus twenty years to get home after leaving his home for Troy. Halley's Comet graces our night sky every 75 years. So while normally books borrowed from a library are usually returned on time some books take a little longer. This little extra time may be a day or month. Sometimes that little extra time is 88 years.

Hey it took a little while but some books borrowed from a Dormont, PA school library in 1924 have made it home. This is a feel good story if there ever was one. I love old books, especially when those old books turn out to be time capsules. One of the books had a red rose pressed into the pages. I wonder what the story behind that was. Another had a note as the book passed from one owner to another. A fascinating story and family history for each book.

Not all those books were overdue library books but for those that were I'm sure that they were replaced. But heck it was the Roaring 20's and the printing industry was in full steam. So after 88 years these books which had traveled all the way to Arizona finally was returned to the (now) Dormont Historical Society.

I just would like to say that, no, I am not advocating waiting 88 years to return books. These books were not his and he was doing the right thing (if going way out of his way to do it). He is a saint here. Still though, it is better late than never. Oftentimes a story like this will dig up a little history as well which was discovered in the article. In a way these books were saved in a time capsule which returned to us. 

Now if only Paul Kaminski (the man who found and returned the books) had a Delorian with a flux-capacitor built in he could had sped along the highway at 88 miles per hour gone back in time and returned those books on their due date.

Meanwhile I'll be here waiting until I am... yes... 88 years old and await Halley's Comet's return (with some overdue books of my own I am sure).

Here is the link to the CBS 2 Pittsburgh Article

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