Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will The Pyramids Stand Forever?

Not if Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i
 has a say in the matter.
Last year when everybody was jumping up in down in joy because Momar Qaddafi was deposed and killed I stated openly this is not a good thing. Now the chaos of the Islamic Spring has spread to Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. I predict again right now that the devil we are going to have now is going to be far worse than what had before. This will be evident politically and in other venues. We have blindly and stupidly supported a step toward what may be the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem or New Delhi. I am not joking or being a sensationalist here. It is my honest level-minded thinking on this subject.

I'm not trying to be a Islamophobe here, but of all the major religions they have the poorest control over their radicals. I believe that a large percentage of their population enjoys their bad boy image at the very least. Now why am I saying this and how is this connected to historical matters? Well, now that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken control of at least some of the Egyptian government calls are coming in to destroy the Pyramids. Yes, the Pyramids.

Now don't sit there and say, oh that is just anti-Islamic propaganda or just some nutcase spouting off. True, caliphate-oriented Islamists have no country other than Islam. Historical monuments dedicated to what nationality or religion they used to be are not only open game but endangered targets of destruction. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria was concluded under Islamic control as was the attempted de-facing of the Sphinx.  More recently and pretty much case in point of the major possibility of this happening was the destruction of the giant Buddha in Afghanistan and the destruction of Mali artifacts in Timbuktu.

Now I have worked with people who follow Islam. I am not condemning them all here. They are normal folk, but these things are happening in the name of their religion. If it is perfectly fine to taint me for every sin committed by a Catholic, thus the same are they tainted. Yes, it is wrong, but it is a sad fact of life. And in the evidence of fairness, yes, we as Catholics have done some very rotten things in the name of our religion. There is a big however here. I would say as a whole we have moved on from the days of the Conquistadors. They have not.

The destruction of the Pyramids would be a sin against history and humanity. I will say that in the same vein that the destruction of Mecca would be just as evil. History and archeology are tools to learn about our past. They tell our story as humans on this Earth. We must always know and remember where we strode, the struggles we faced, to gain insight in how to overcome those obstacles again when we face them again.

I hope, beyond hope, that there are enough clear-headed Egyptians to prevent the destruction of their past.

Read the article here: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/raymond-ibrahim/muslim-brotherhood-destroy-the-pyramids/

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