Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crazy Bookshelves!!

I've been seeing more and more of some very unique bookshelves appearing on Facebook and other social media sights that I visit. What do you think of them? Would you use one of these to showcase your collection? Perhaps in a spare room? In your man-cave in the basement? Kids' room? We certainly live in interesting times, but I think this development is a positive if not a little wacky spin in the mix. 

I found all these on Bing image search. There are many more. What are your favorites?


The tree is pretty cool. I can see this in a child's room. Something a little offbeat, but still it has room for plenty of books, maybe a plushy or two. I like it. 


This one is definitely more for a den, not a bedroom. Downstairs back wall with a few comfy chairs nearby. Works.


This one is a certainly nice for the living room. It is small and unobtrusive. It is not screaming that, "Yes, you have entered the house of a seriously demented individual." It is a good conversation piece.

This one is for the bedroom. Oh... yes it is. It has that manly swagger to it. Something that I am quite familiar with. It is one where I look at it and say "Yes sir, it is great being a man - I concur. What shall we read today?"

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