Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Visit To A Little Library

Love the classic feel!
On Christmas Day during my travels up and down the I-91 corridor I took a few minutes and veered off the path of the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways. I made a little visit to a little library. It has been sometime since I made an official library blog post. Well, I decided to rectify that matter and visited one of the four Little Free Libraries in my immediate vicinity and one of the seven in Western Mass. I wrote about these beauties in an earlier blog.

The day had a been sunny, beautifully cool Winter's Day. I was returning from the annual Christmas day tradition of breakfast at my Aunt Sally's house in the Warsaw of the West aka Chicopee, MA. I did, however, experience a minor crisis in my plans as I had neglected to take the address of the LFL with me. I had the full intention of going there when I had departed in the morning. I just blanked. And worse, my trusty smartphone could not access the LFL website fully, so while I could see the little house marker on the map it just wouldn't click. Luckily I was able to use my Aunt's computer. Crisis averted!

I think I have that Garfield
I knew that the drive there would be easy as I had looked it up the night prior. No surprises as it was a pleasant drive to LFL #5625 in lovely, sleepy Wilbraham, MA home of Friendly's Ice Cream (Where ice cream makes the meal!). I made am astute observation as I was enroute to my destination. I passed right by the Wilbraham Public Library on the way there. Mental note reserved.

This being my first trip to an LFL I really didn't know what to expect. Would there be cars there? Would there be people in the house looking at me looking at the LFL posted near the mailbox? I'm positive that if any encounter were to happen it would have been amicable. These people want visitors! That is why they are stewards of an LFL. Still though the introvert in me felt weird parking my car in front of a strange house. I have no issues with talking to strangers. I'm not that type of introvert. The situation was new and required appropriate caution. I wondered if there was a proper etiquette in the visit to an LFL? I was learning this in the field. As Fate would have it the house, neigh, the street was devoid of activity. I was in the clear.

So I looked at this quaint box on the post with books in it; taking it all in. I reveled in the moment of first contact. I had wanted to participate in this novel booklover's experiment and here I was. I approved heartily. The LFL was clean and well maintained. The Wintertime decorations about the exterior added to the spirit of the day. The selection inside was impressive. I really did not know what would be available. Would the books be the cans of beets and artichokes people donate to shelters when they clean out their cabinets? Not in the least. There was a nice mix of children's to adult leisure reading. I would imagine that depending on the locale and neighborhood would dictate the mix of book. Here this LFL was directed towards a younger readership though there were clearly some books for a more mature palate.

The Rose Ring
Camelot & Vine

I really liked this journey of exploration. I look forward to seeing what the others have to offer when I visit. And yes! Thank you for asking! I did drop off two books: Petrea Burchard's Camelot & Vine and Anne Faye's The Rose Ring. They are books I have read and know that others would enjoy reading themselves.

LFL #5625

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