Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sleep Over Fun!

Bring your sleeping bag!

Back in days of old remember the joy of sleeping in a place other than your own bed? Boy, I'll tell ya I do. I remember Summer camp out in the woods with the mosquitoes buzzing in my ears all night. At my friend's house with my buddy telling me how his little brother wet the bed I was sleeping in. After parties waking up behind the couch wondering where the bathroom was hiding. Those were good times. Nothing though will match what I am about to tell you now.

The American Museum of Natural History is having a sleepover! Can you imagine a night at the museum? That would be awesome! You and 149 other lucky people have that chance on August 1, 2014. Just pony up $375 and the night is yours! If I had seen this earlier I would have seriously considered this course of action. But.... the event is sold out. Bummers. This is their first time with adults. They have been hosting this night for children for years. I really hope that this works out and that it becomes a regular event for them.

Sleep under the whale!
Admit it! We're all kids inside. This is fun. I'm not sure if I would actually fall asleep though. I would be too busy wondering if the exhibits really did come to life after dark.

Here are some links!

From Their article.

Here is the official event link from the American Museum of Natural History!!


  1. Now that's my kind of entertainment! A bit pricey, but surely well worth it. Plenty of hotels cost the same and aren't nearly as fun.

    The historic Mount Wilson Observatory also has a sleepover once a year. Albert Einstein, George Ellery Hale, and other greats all flexed their genius there.

    1. I've spent more than one night staring into the unfetteted evening sky. A night in an observatory, particularly one with such a heritage, would quickly become a treasured memory.

  2. It's expensive (I don't know exactly how much), but I know people who do it every year.

    1. That is understandable. These are as much fundraisers as they are events. So if I were to indulge I would work the cost into my budget with the knowledge that it was a donation as much as a vacation.