Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Novel Bookstore

A rather humorous group of photos have been making the Reddit and Imgur scenes as of late. I can't say who is responsible or where this bookstore is located. The provenance of Internet meme material usually doesn't get figured out unless the meme hits the mainstream and money is involved somehow. However the moral of the story is intact - the photos are damn funny. If I were to run a bookstore I certainly would add a few sections like these.

If you haven't seen them yet then please look on... Hint. *Look at the card in each photo*

Got to love those short professional haircuts!

Those books never fall apart. They just get increasingly dogeared.

I find this amalgamation of books utterly brilliant!

I must say I've always wanted to wrestle a penguin too.

It is the thought that counts though!

It is all a fantastic adventure out there!
There are few more at the original Imgur link.